2014 Regulations

Angling regulations for the Feale in 2014 are much the same as last year. Opening day is March 1st and from March 1st to May 11th inclusive only single barbless hooks may be used. No salmon may be taken during this period.

From the 12th May to 30th September a bag limit of one salmon per day is allowed, to a total of four salmon for the season. Once a salmon has been taken on any day, further fishing that day is by single barbless hook only. If an angler fills the four salmon total during the season, any further fishing must be on single barbless hook on a catch and release basis only.

The net season this year is kept to the months of June and July. This measure last year was very likely responsible for the increase of 2000 salmon that came over the counter. This has resulted in an increase of 880 salmon in the Total Allowable Catch(TAC) for the season. If this shortened season for nets and anglers is kept in place for a number of years we could possibly begin to see the start of the rehabilitation  of the river. It would also allow for  an increase in the TAC on a yearly basis.

We wish  all our members a satisfactory season on the river.

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