2017 regulations

The river continues to be a brown tag fishery. The TAC for 2017 is 954 salmon. The distribution this year is 60% for the nets and 40% to the anglers. This breaks down approximately to 572 for the nets and 382 for rods. Considering that there are over 300 anglers on the Feale, that gives just over one salmon per angler.

A statistic that should cause a certain amount of alarm is that last year only 3710 salmon passed the counter. The Conservation Limit for the river is 3711. It is just not possible to understand how the Scientific Committee, they who are responsible for the salmon species, can allow the harvesting of  salmon in the Feale in the present manner. Going on their actions since 2007 when 14,301 salmon passed the counter with a harvest of 4,688 salmon, it would appear that they are waiting for a zero return on the counter before they sit up and take some action. By then it willl be too late.