TAC split for 2018

At the Fishery District Committee meeting in Listowel last night the split for 2018 was decided by the director of IFI. The decision was 65% to nets and 35% to rods as was the case in 2016. This leaves 428 salmon to the commercial anglers and 230 salmon for anglers. You don’t have to be an Einstein to see that with approximately 325 anglers on the river, at least 95 of them will not have a tag for a salmon this year.

Approximately 325 anglers on the Feale pay €18,200 in licence fees. Last year, 28 net licences contributed €10,200 in licence fees. Thus the anglers, who pay almost twice as much as the nets in licence costs, get just over half the allowance of the nets. That does not appear to be a fair distribution.

International statistics have shown that that a rod caught salmon yields over €1,000 in tourist revenue. A net caught salmon is valued at the basic cost of the salmon which is around €100. Taking that into consideration it is clear that the TAC division on the Feale makes no economic sense either.

On a slightly more positive note, the counter figures for the last four years appear to have levelled off at around 3,500 salmon. From 2014 to 2017 the  returns were 3604, 3570, 3710 and 3567. This years returns will be worth watching.

Tight lines to all anglers who are lucky enough to have a brown tag for a salmon!

TAC for 2018

The news for anglers on the Feale in 2018 is not good. The (TAC) Total Allowable Catch for the entire season is again on a downward curve, from 954 in 2017 to 658 in 2018. This is just above two thirds of last year’s TAC.  This catch has to be divided between the nets and the rods. Last year the breakdown was 60/40 for nets/rods.  That would mean a potential catch of 263 salmon for rod anglers in 2018. Considering that there are around 400 anglers on the Feale, that means that  at least 137 anglers or more will not get a brown tag. So much for your licence fee and conservation fund.

How a government department, charged with protecting and developing the salmon potential in Ireland, can wilfully allow the rape of one of the finest rivers in Europe is beyond me. And they are backed by the advice of the scientific committee.

Some fishery department, some IFI and some scientists!!!


AGM 2018

The AGM of the club will take place on Sunday 18th February at 3:00 pm in the GAA clubhouse. A change in the club constitution will be recommended to bring the club into line with the conditions of Public Procurement.

If members have email addresses it would be greatly appreciated if they forwarded them to the secretary at “denisdennison@gmail.com” . It would help to cut down postage costs.

It would be great to see a full turnout of members at the AGM.